Eco-badges are another step companies can take to be environmentally conscious.

Personalized Environmentally friendly name badge

Green Tags and Badges

Environmentally friendly ID Badges are created from recyclable chipboard.

Eco-Friendly Name Tags

Reusable Luggage Tags

Offer reusable eco-friendly tags at your next event. Reinforce your image as a green company.

Environmentally friendly corporate gift


Eco-Luggage Tags are reusable professional option for corporate gifts at your next conference or seminar

Custom Eco-friendly bag tag

Eco Friendly Name Tags and Badges

Custom Eco Friendly Tags and badges are a way to promote green businesses and to associate your brand with environmentally friendly practices. Reusable tags and badges make an impressive eco friendly corporate gift that can be presented at conferences, cruises, and other company events.

Earth friendly ID badges and luggage tags are created from recyclable chipboard and digitally printed with your artwork and/or logo as well as employee, staff, and guest names.

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